I want to be able to ssh into my device as soon as it is powered on, without having to worry about a proper ethernet connection. For this, I enable and configure wlan as follows.
This article walks through the steps I had to perform in order to completely clean and erase my Facebook account. Your milage may vary.
So naturally, we want to upgrade to the latest LTS release.
For example, my base IP is `192.168.178`.
Install *Livesuit* and run it with `sudo`, e.g.:
Recommended system configurations.
Meal replacements seem to be the hot new stuff among entrepreneurs, nerds, and overachievers who have better things to worry about than food. And who doesn't want to be with the cool kids?
If you thought that compassionate and health-conscious vegans are doing good, guess again. They are severely hurting the movement.
May 2015
Those annoying LED lights keep you awake at night? Read this.